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How to create a clearing with RAIN

"We all get lost in the dense forest of our life". Tara Brach

So we all might feel like the forest is feeling particularly dense right now...

We all probably feel like we need to create a daily clearing.

"When we're lost in the dense forest of our life, we lose sight of what matters

most, we lose sight out ourselves and we forget who we are.

When we're caught up in the dense forest of life we are in a state of 'trance', a

state of disconnect, functioning on auto-pilot. Our minds fixated, narrowed,

immersed in thoughts and our hearts defended, anxious, maybe even numb.

We feel separated and we get caught up in feeling fearful, angry, victimised and

deficient." Tara Brach

Doesn't it ring so true? Those moments when we are completely lost in the forest of all that is going on in this world, in this country, of that which currently effects our lives so very much. We start to lose sight. We find ourselves in "trance" mode: struggling against the world and against ourselves, a refusal to be vulnerable, to be tender.

So how do we make our way out of the trance? We create a clearing. We become aware of our discomforts as we take time DAILY to connect to presence. Whether it be one minute or ten, the impact is immense.

This week my boyfriend said to me, "Marie, I've noticed you rarely get very angry these days." I can honestly say he only notices this because I used to get very angry often... Now I am by no means perfect. I have not yet "nailed it", nor will I ever! We are all "practicing". But what I can say, is in the number of years I have been "practicing" and in this last year in particular that I have, granted very fortunately, had time to dedicate to my self-care practices and daily meditation journey, I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my mental health, self-awareness and ability to understand and deal with my own emotions and critical thoughts much better.

It really is a practice. There are plenty of ridiculous things that still manage to set me off. But at least now I notice almost immediately what has happened and I can begin to remedy it, rather than spend a stubborn amount of hours making my own or my boyfriend's life frustratingly miserable.

So create that clearing.

Start by sitting in silence.

Start by timing one minute. Then move onto two.

Simply watch.

Simply be present.

Simply feel and experience.

And most of all be compassionate.

Sending 2021 strength & support and a free RAIN mediation to start you on

your journey.

Marie xx

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