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What other peple say


I found Marie after trying several different yoga classes in a bid to find the teacher I was looking for - a teacher who could mix physical challenge with yogi fluff (mindfulness, relaxation, mantra, readings etc.), with a genuine, empowering and inspiring personality.

I found it all.


I highly recommend Marie's classes.

Come join :)


I've always found it difficult to open up about my physical issues, but after attending Marie's classes for a few months, I decided to share these issues with Marie and book a one-to-one class as a trial. I am so glad I did. Marie has been understanding, non-judgemental and brilliant at helping me to address these issues through our yoga practice. I have made more significant improvements with Marie over 6 months than I have during several years of physiotherapy and I cannot express how grateful I have been for this.

Marie is an excellent teacher and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is even remotely considering practicing yoga for any reason.


This platform is just what I needed. My schedule often means I cant attend a class or am just too tired. This gives me the class experience at the time for me, with as many classes as I can fit in. They are just like live classes and I often forget that I am not going to say goodbye when we are done.


Perfect combined with my weekly in person class. I definitely recommend!

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