Originally from Scotland, after six years living in Italy teaching English, I followed my love of yoga all the way to its home in India in 2018, with a dream of deepening my yoga practice and becoming a yoga teacher.


I spent time travelling the country and practicing with various teachers in different disciplines, connecting to the authentic roots of the practice. Eventually finding myself where I had always intended to be when I set out on my journey, on a Yoga Alliance Certified 200 hour yoga teacher training with Trimurti Yoga in Goa, South India. Training in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin.​


I believe the beauty of yoga is “finding a sense of calm amid the shifting tides of daily experience and the seasons of one’s life”. Stephen Cope. Yoga grounds me when I feel unsettled, calms my over-active mind when it’s full of chaotic thought and allows me to step into a place where I can be the truest version of myself. More than anything yoga has transformed my life off the mat and for me that has been the true beauty of yoga.

My classes are fun, explorative and creative. With my self-practice being primarily Vinyasa Flow, I enjoy dynamic, fluid practices that allow the breath to replace the thinking mind as the guiding impulse behind the movement, learning to be guided from within.


In Vinyasa Flow classes, I lead a fast-paced dynamic flow, moving on every breath through sequences that build strength and improve flexibility and range of motion. Expect fun transitions between poses and attempts at some more challenging poses from time to time!


On the flip side is my love of Yin. A practice of mostly seated postures with long holds, Yin targets the connective tissue around the joints.Yin yoga is an opportunity to slow down, tune into the body & breathe and show yourself some love. A quiet & introspective practice, Yin is a great way to complement Vinyasa or balance our busy day-to-day ‘Yang’ lifestyles!

“Moving into stillness to experience our true nature and real identity, staying at home long enough to experience the truth”. Schiffman Erich




7.15-8.30 PM

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow - Fun and playful sequences and transitions to build strength and improve mobility 
The Yoga Studio Norwich, Magdalen Road
Book at

5.15-6.15 PM

Mindful Flow -  Connecting the breath with mindful movement in a gentle flow. Integrating yin/restorative poses to calm body & mind
The Yoga Tree, All Saints Green
Email to book

2-3 PM

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow - Fun and playful sequences and transitions to build strength and improve mobility 
The Yoga Tree, All Saints Green 
Email to book:
£7.50 / £6 for students

09.30-10:30 AM

Yoga & YIn - Morning stretches, mixed with longer held Yin poses to rest and digest after a busy week
The Yoga Studio Norwich, Magdalen Road
Book at

10-11.30 AM

Mindful Flow - Connecting the breath with mindful movement. With an extended restorative ending to the class, to calm body and mind, restore, replenish and renew on a Sunday morning
The Yoga Tree, All Saints Green
Email to book


Yoga tailored to your needs


Have you ever wanted the teacher to spend more time on something?  Correcting your alignment, going over a particular pose in more detail or explaining a new pose.

Or maybe you're new to yoga and want some time with the teacher to focus on learning the basics.

Private classes can be a great way to start off or advance your practice in a safe environment. 

Maybe you want to learn how to sequence your home practice?

Or perhaps you have an occasion coming up. A birthday, bridal-party, girls weekend...why not organise something special?

I am also available for corporate yoga classes.

I'm coming to get yah! 🤸🎉_Can't believ



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