Hi, I'm Marie. I currently teach group yoga classes at The Yoga Studio Norwich and The Yoga Tree in Norwich.

I am also available for 1-1 classes. As well as corporate collaborations & private parties.

In 2018 I became a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance after completing my 200 hour teacher training in India.

I originally trained in the disciplines of Hatha, Vinyasa & Ashtanga but since then I have followed my passion for both Vinyasa & Yin yoga with further training & continued professional development and now specialise in these two disciplines.

My love for Vinyasa stems from my background in Contemporary Theatre and my approach is dynamic and creative. I enjoy exploring new ways to move fluidly, with creative sequences that present challenges, test our mobility, flexibility & strength. Last year I completed a 'Creative Sequencing' course along with further anatomy training.

My love for Yin stems from learning myself the need to slow down and work with my nervous system and the release of deeper rooted tensions held within the body. I am passionate about this in my approach. Creating an environment for people to balance their busy, fast-paced, demanding lives with an opportunity to reset, restore and release. Last year I took my first 20 hours of Yin training and this year I completed a further 50 hours of training with Yin yoga pioneer Bernie Clark.



Learn a bit more about the style of classes I offer


Vinyasa Flow

My approach is dynamic and creative: characterised by constant change and full of new energy and ideas.
Every class is different, exploring new ways of moving the body. Breaking habitual movement patterns and exploring how we can move in and out of places and shapes with fluidity and ease.
These movement sequences may present challenges, test mobility, range of motion, flexibility and strength. But most of all, they explore what our brilliant bodies can do and all the extraordinary ways they can move!


Press pause on the rest of the world and reset and restore.
A practice to target the nervous system and soft tissue networks of the body.
Through gentle, still, long-held Yin poses; we create an environment to support and nourish the nervous system and trust in the release of deep-rooted tension in the physical, emotional and energetic body.
Yin yoga is a functional practice that targets the bones, joints, fascia and other connective tissues to optimise their health and optimise range of motion and flexibility.

Yin-Yang Flow

Using Yin to calm the mind, nourish the nervous system and increase the health of the bones, joints and deeper connective tissues with gentle, long-held, passive poses.
Combined with mindful, creative Yang flow practice to move rhythmically with the breath, explore range of motion, flexibility and build strength.
Classes may explore moving from Yin-to-Yang or Yang-to-Yin but both will create harmony, wholeness and health as we bring these two contrasts into balance.


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