Hi, I'm Marie. I teach group yoga classes at The Yoga Studio Norwich, The Yoga Tree in Norwich and online. 

I am also available for 1-1 bookings, corporate classes & private events such as hen parties.

My classes are about re-connecting, putting down the distractions and returning home to yourself in a moment of pause. 

For me, connection might look like movement, it might be found through stillness, it might be felt through breath, it may see all of those things come together in one practice.

I specialise in the movement disciplines of Vinyasa & Yin yoga.

My love for the fluid and free form of Vinyasa that I teach, stems from my background in Contemporary Theatre and my passion to explore movement. My approach is dynamic and creative. I enjoy exploring new ways to move with creative sequences. My most recent training was in Mandala Vinyasa with Shiva Rea, exploring movement in circumambulation; a journey that leads us back to our centre, from fragmented to whole.

My love for Yin stems from learning myself the need to slow down and work with my nervous system and the release of deeper rooted tensions held within the body. I am passionate about this in my approach. Creating an environment for people to balance their busy, fast-paced, demanding lives with an opportunity to reset, restore and release. I have completed 70 hours of specialised training, including training with Yin yoga pioneer Bernie Clark.

In 2021 I will continue my journey, beginning a two year Yoga Therapy diploma. This approach to yoga lies at the centre of my heart and is my instinctive teaching approach and style. It is my deepest passion to offer yoga to both groups and individuals therapeutically, as a tool to heal and manage our lives, troubles and traumas. 



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My approach is dynamic and creative: characterised by constant change and full of new energy and ideas. Every class is different, exploring new ways of moving the body. Breaking habitual movement patterns and exploring how we can move in and out of places and shapes with fluidity and ease. These movement sequences may present challenges, test mobility, range of motion, flexibility and strength. But most of all, they explore what our brilliant bodies can do and all the extraordinary ways they can move! Join me and explore.


Press pause on the rest of the world and reset and restore.
A practice to target the nervous system and soft tissue networks of the body.
Through gentle, still, long-held Yin poses; we create an environment to support and nourish the nervous system and trust in the release of deep-rooted tension in the physical, emotional and energetic body.
Yin yoga is a functional practice that targets the bones, joints, fascia and other connective tissues to optimise their health and optimise range of motion and flexibility.
Join me to rest and restore.


Yoga for me is an act of self-care and a time for connection and so I love to share this in my approach. 
Each of my classes dedicate time at the beginning of class to check in and connect. To be mindful of where we are starting from, honour that and observe the shifts. 
My own practice includes journaling and I find this a powerful way to observe my mind, thoughts and feelings. As well as a tool to let go of what is no longer serving me, to set intentions and to highlight gratitude. 
Join me for weekly meditation and journaling classes.

I found Marie after trying several different yoga classes in a bid to find the teacher I was looking for. A teacher who could mix physical challenge, yogi fluff (mindfulness, relaxation, mantra, readings etc.) with a genuine, empowering and inspiring personality. I found it all. I was lucky to have Marie's classes as part of my routine before COVID hit but the familiarity and connection it provided during lockdown was invaluable. We now have such brilliant options to practice with Marie; online, studio and when the sun shines outdoor. She has adapted her classes perfectly to these changing times and is responsive to feedback around this. 
I highly recommend Marie's classes. Come join :)

Marie's classes have been one of the most positive impacts on my life. She is always highly engaged, with clear guidance on how to move throughout the class which has helped significantly in my yoga journey. I'm always raving to my friends about my amazing yoga instructor, as the best one I ever known! I always walk away from a class feeling fulfilled and happily challenged. Plus Marie is lovely and fun too!

I spent a lot of time researching different styles of yoga practice - I was looking for something that would support my musculoskeletal issues as well as my overall health and well-being being and my anxious mind. I found Marie’s Saturday morning practice which incorporates Yin Yoga and Journalling. This is the perfect class for me; it enables me to easily transition from “working week” to “weekend”, to be completely present without distraction and to carry that mindfulness through into the week. The option of joining online via Zoom has been welcome when I’ve not been able to attend the studio in person. Marie is a very warm, generous and knowledgeable teacher and I felt completely at ease the moment I met her.



Weekly Studio and Online Classes





Journey Into is an amazing application and web platform where teachers can provide their own students with fresh, dynamic and evolving digital class content, tailored for them, on a weekly basis.

Giving you the feeling of practicing "live" with me on your own watch.
Any time, anywhere.

Every week I add new classes, giving you between 6-10 classes to choose from at any one time. Offering you a variety of practices to suit your needs, mood and time scale. Inviting and encouraging your input and class requests.

Click here to view my profile and access a free 40 minute welcome class, suitable for all.

Journey Into costs £23.99 a month. Working out at just under £6 a week, with access to multiple classes and constantly evolving content.

This platform makes it easier to fit in yoga around work and other commitments. It also means I don't feel guilty if I miss a class because I know that I can do sessions at my own convenience - with a teacher I like. The classes are also really enjoyable, and I feel that I gain something from each one - whatever length it is.


This platform is just what I needed. My schedule often means I cant attend a class or am just too tired. This gives me the class experience at the time for me as many times as I can fit in. They are just like live classes and I forget that I am not going to say goodbye when we are done. Perfect combined with my weekly in person class.


I have access to my favourite classes and I can listen to the voice of my amazing teacher's guidance, which makes my practice more comfortable than practicing with other yoga platforms.




Yoga tailored to your needs


I currently work with 1-1 students for a variety of reasons. 
From beginning a yoga practice to developing a home practice.
Working towards a particular goal or to advance an existing practice.
To accommodate an injury or illness or create a practice that helps support the healing process.

Or perhaps just to stay active and mobile in every day life. 

As well as the physical benefits, you may wish to work 1-1 to focus on your meditation, breath & mindfulness practices. Finding a moment of pause to balance your busy, fast-paced, demanding life or to help bring gratitude and joyfulness into your life during difficult times. 

1-1 or small private group classes can take place: 

  • Online

  • The Yoga Tree, All Saints Green

  • The Yoga Studio Norwich, Magdalen Road

  • Your own home, depending on location

If you're interested, get in touch with me for more information on what I can offer you to suit your needs.

Private Events, including:
Hen Party Yoga in your rented accommodation


What private clients have said about their experience

I've always found it difficult to open up about my physical issues, but after attending Marie's classes for a few months, which I found really beneficial, I decided to share these issues with Marie and book a one-to-one class as a trial. I am so glad I did. Marie has been understanding, non-judgemental and brilliant at helping me to address these issues through our yoga practice. I have made more significant improvements with Marie over 6 months than I have during several years of physiotherapy and I cannot express how grateful I have been for this.
Marie is an excellent teacher and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is even remotely considering practicing yoga for any reason.



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