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Hi, I'm Marie. I've been teaching yoga since I moved to Norwich in 2019 after completing my teacher training in India in 2018. Since then I have grown a fantastic local community and continued to further my training in various disciplines of yoga with inspiring teachers from around the globe.

In 2020 I embarked on the next stage of my journey, training to become a Yoga Therapist with The Minded Institute in London. After 2.5 years, I graduated from the 580HR Yoga Therapy Diploma in January 2023 and I now begin to share Yoga Therapy with individuals, groups, local charities and organisations seeking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

I have now spent over 1000 hours training and learning both the science and psychology of yoga, to understand how it can support our physical and mental health and help us to heal. Alongside experiencing first-hand, the wisdom and power of the practices of yoga.

Yoga Teacher Norwich
Yoga Pose Norwich
My Classes

Group Yoga Classes in Norwich & Norfolk


6-7.15PM: Embodied Vinyasa

@ Happy OM Yoga Studio



10-11AM: Chair Yoga for MS

@ The MS Centre, Norwich


1.45-2.45PM: Chair Yoga for All

@ Acle Recreation Centre


8-9AM: Outdoor Yoga

@ The Plantation Gardens


Sunday 12th November, 9.30-1PM:

'Falling into Grace' Autumn Morning Retreat 

@ The Yoga Tree

*more details below*



Happy OM Yoga Studio

An embodied movement class; merging my love of dynamic, fluid, free-flowing, somatic style movement with the principles of Vinyasa yoga. 

What this means is that the class has the structure of a guided vinyasa class, with the intention of forming a deeper connection to the felt sense of the body and 'self' through careful guidance and language, which guides you inwards and gives you choice and the freedom to also explore intuitive movement within the container of the sequence. 

Through this way of practicing and guiding, I hope it will be available to all 'levels' of practitioners.

Yoga studio Norwich
Yoga Studio Norwich
''Falling into Grace'
Autumn Morning Retreat

Sunday 12th November, 09.30-1PM

Fall into the flow of your natural being 
~ an expansive, open awareness.

Taste moments of grace 
~ moments that pull us deeper into union with ourselves.


Experience something beyond our everyday perception of life 
~ a different dimension of being that comes from our capacity to meet life as it is, to let go of control and surrender to the flow of being.

~ Non-Dual Tantric Philosophy ~

~ Embodied Movement ~

~ Meditation ~ 

Morning practice will be followed by a fully catered brunch.

Yoga Retreats
Upcoming Retreats
with Adventure Yogi


10 night retreat: 19th-28th October


*2024 Dates Pending*



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Yoga teacher Norwich
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