Yoga Teacher and Trainee Yoga Therapist (2021-23)



Hi, I'm Marie. I teach a variety of group yoga classes in Norwich, Norfolk and online. My work in Yoga Therapy specialises in working 1-1 with clients, offering tailored therapeutic yoga sessions that meet both physical and mental health needs. I also offer 1-1 yoga tuition for students who wish to begin a yoga practice or develop an existing one. I am a trained Chair Yoga teacher, available for 1-1 chair sessions or group classes. I offer corporate workplace yoga classes to businesses in Norwich - please enquire if you wish to bring yoga into your workplace and offer this wellbeing service to your staff. I am also available for one-off private events, such as hen parties.


My group yoga classes are about connecting with your body and mind through mindful explorative movement and flows, weaving breath work and mindful reflections throughout. They hold space for a time to return home to yourself and find your way back to a grounded centre. I aim to create an environment that balances our busy, fast-paced, demanding lives, with the opportunity to tend to your nervous system and support the release of  accumulated physical and mental tensions through the yogic powers of self-regulation. 

I specialise in the movement disciplines of Vinyasa & Yin yoga.

I love to teach free-flowing, fluid movement, as an embodied form of inquiry and connection to self. I am also fascinated by movement's effects on the brain and both our physical and mental health. I teach a range of flow classes; from more gentle and mindfully guided flows, to more energetic and dynamic vinyasa style classes that explore new ways to move with creative sequences. The intention always remains the same; to reconnect to your body and self through movement. 

My love for the practice of Yin yoga stems from learning myself the need to slow down and work with my nervous system and the release of accumulated physical or mental tension. I am passionate about the focus of the nervous system in my approach; combining Yin poses with an opportunity to reset, reflect, restore and release. 

My passion to support people’s physical and mental health through their relationship with body, breath, and mind, has led me towards training in Yoga Therapy. From 2021-2023 I will be training to become a qualified Yoga Therapist with The Minded Institute. It is my deepest passion to work with groups and individuals to reduce or manage suffering and promote health and wellbeing through the application of the principles and practices of yoga. I strongly believe yoga is a tool to heal and manage our lives, troubles and traumas.



Group Classes in Norwich and Norfolk

The Painted Barn, Barnham Broom



Mindful Morning Flow - All Levels

Anteros, Magdalen Street

'Beginners & Beyond' Yoga


Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

Not Suitable for Beginners

Norwich Yoga Central



Mindful Flow - Mixed Level

Acle Recreation Centre



Chair Yoga

Happy OM

Friday 22nd July & Friday 23rd September


YIN: Release & Restore

See below for more details

Outdoor Yoga @ The Plantation Gardens, Norwich



Mindful Morning Flow - All Levels


Next Date: Summer Yoga Brunch 16th July *see below*

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Summer Yoga Brunch

Join myself and Chloe for our second event of the year at Clinks Care Farm, near Beccles. A wonderful social enterprise offering placements to disadvantaged people to use the natural farm environment and the activities on the farm as a therapeutic space and a place to learn and grow.

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Yin: Release & Restore
Two-part series

A special two-part series of Yin classes that can be booked individually or as a set. Both held at the beautiful Norwich city centre studio 'Happy OM', where you will have access to an abundance of yoga props to support your practice and journey towards rest.



My approach ranges from mindful, slow and sensuous to exploring more dynamic and creative ways of moving. Movement that connects to, and is guided by, your breath and energy, moving in and out of places and shapes with fluidity and ease.


More dynamic classes may explore movement sequences that present challenges, test mobility, range of motion, flexibility and strength, always guided from a place of intention.


Join me and explore your beautiful body and all the magical ways it can move.



I create a space that allows you to press pause on the rest of the world and reset and restore.

Through gentle, still, long-held Yin poses; we create an environment to support and nourish the nervous system and allow your body and mind to trust in the release of deep-rooted tension in the physical, emotional and energetic body.

Yin yoga is a functional practice that targets the bones, joints, fascia and other connective tissues to optimise their health and optimise range of motion and flexibility.

Join me rest, restore and release.



Yoga for me is an act of self-care and a time for connection, and so I love to share this in my approach. 

Each of my classes dedicate time at the beginning of class to check in and connect; to be mindful of where we are starting from, honour that and observe the shifts that take place as we create space in our body and mind.

My own practice often includes journaling and I find this a powerful way to observe my mind, thoughts and feelings. It also serves as a tool to let go of what is no longer serving me, to set intentions and to highlight gratitude. 

Join me for weekly meditation and journaling classes.


Learn more about the classes and styles of yoga I teach


I found Marie after trying several different yoga classes in a bid to find the teacher I was looking for. A teacher who could mix physical challenge, yogi fluff (mindfulness, relaxation, mantra, readings etc.) with a genuine, empowering and inspiring personality. I found it all. I was lucky to have Marie's classes as part of my routine before COVID hit but the familiarity and connection it provided during lockdown was invaluable. We now have such brilliant options to practice with Marie; online, studio and when the sun shines outdoor. She has adapted her classes perfectly to these changing times and is responsive to feedback around this. 
I highly recommend Marie's classes. Come join :)

Marie's classes have been one of the most positive impacts on my life. She is always highly engaged, with clear guidance on how to move throughout the class which has helped significantly in my yoga journey. I'm always raving to my friends about my amazing yoga instructor, as the best one I ever known! I always walk away from a class feeling fulfilled and happily challenged. Plus Marie is lovely and fun too!

I spent a lot of time researching different styles of yoga practice - I was looking for something that would support my musculoskeletal issues as well as my overall health and well-being being and my anxious mind. I found Marie’s Saturday morning practice which incorporates Yin Yoga and Journalling. This is the perfect class for me; it enables me to easily transition from “working week” to “weekend”, to be completely present without distraction and to carry that mindfulness through into the week. The option of joining online via Zoom has been welcome when I’ve not been able to attend the studio in person. Marie is a very warm, generous and knowledgeable teacher and I felt completely at ease the moment I met her.





Subscribe to access my online library of recorded classes on-demand, with new classes added weekly, for just £24 a month - that's £6 a week!

On-demand means you can practice with me when it suits you.
Any time, anywhere. Just grab your laptop or phone and you're set to go.

Every week I add a range of new classes, giving you access to a huge library of classes to choose from at any one time: short practices, long practices, dynamic practices, gentle practices, morning practices, evening practices - offering you a variety of practices to suit your needs, mood and time scale. Along with guided meditations, breath practices and yoga nidras.

I also invite your own requests for classes you would like to see added to support your home practice needs.

This platform makes it easier to fit in yoga around work and other commitments. It also means I don't feel guilty if I miss a class because I know that I can do sessions at my own convenience - with a teacher I like. The classes are also really enjoyable, and I feel that I gain something from each one - whatever length it is.


This platform is just what I needed. My schedule often means I cant attend a class or am just too tired. This gives me the class experience at the time for me as many times as I can fit in. They are just like live classes and I forget that I am not going to say goodbye when we are done. Perfect combined with my weekly in person class.


I have access to my favourite classes and I can listen to the voice of my amazing teacher's guidance, which makes my practice more comfortable than practicing with other yoga platforms.




Yoga tailored to your needs


I currently work with 1-1 students for a variety of reasons;
from beginning a yoga practice to developing a home practice,
working towards a particular goal or to accommodate individual needs.

As a trainee yoga therapist, I specialise in tailoring sessions for anyone struggling with physical or mental illness; creating a practice that helps you manage and support your condition through a holistic, person-centred approach to health and healing that puts the power back in your hands.

I am also passionate about working with anyone who wants to stay active and mobile in every day life, including anyone who needs to accommodate their practice to suit age, disability or injury.

As well as the physical benefits, you may wish to work 1-1 to focus on your meditation, breath & mindfulness practices. Finding a moment of pause to balance your busy, fast-paced, demanding life or to help bring gratitude and joyfulness into your life during difficult times. 

1-1 or small private group classes can take place: 

  • Online

  • The Yoga Tree, All Saints Green

  • Your own home, depending on location

If you're interested in private sessions, please get in touch to discuss how we can work together and a for a quote.

*Prices start at £35*



What private clients have said about their experience

I've always found it difficult to open up about my physical issues, but after attending Marie's classes for a few months, which I found really beneficial, I decided to share these issues with Marie and book a one-to-one class as a trial. I am so glad I did. Marie has been understanding, non-judgemental and brilliant at helping me to address these issues through our yoga practice. I have made more significant improvements with Marie over 6 months than I have during several years of physiotherapy and I cannot express how grateful I have been for this.
Marie is an excellent teacher and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is even remotely considering practicing yoga for any reason.

Weekly Client

Marie's 1-1 sessions are very soothing and calming, as is her presence. 
I always look forward to each session, where I feel like I am in another dimension for one hour.
During a six-week programme, her well-organized and tailored sessions gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into yoga philosophy, experience it and apply it to my everyday life. Her teachings gave me a totally new perception of my body, my emotions, thoughts and the world around me.
Contemplating on yoga principles after each session helped me to deal with my anxiety, my self doubts and gave me the opportunity to go deeper within myself and find feelings of happiness and contentment with the way I am here and now, no matter the circumstances.

Six-Week Programme








Take a look at where you can join me this Spring/Summer with award winning retreat company 'Adventure Yogi'



Wellness Retreats

25th - 28th August

28th August - 1st September



Yoga & Hiking Adventure

8th - 15th August


Yoga, Walking

& Surf Adventures

1st - 4th October

4th - 8th October



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