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Norwich & Online

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About Me

Hi, I'm Marie. I've been teaching yoga full time since I moved to Norwich in 2019 after completing my first yoga teacher training in India in 2018. Since then I have continued to further my training in various disciplines of yoga and I am grateful to have grown a fantastic local community of students who support and enjoy my work.

In 2020, I started my studies in Yoga Therapy with The Minded Institute in London. I graduated from the 580HR Yoga Therapy Diploma in January 2023, and I now share Yoga Therapy in Norwich and online with individuals, groups, charities and organisations seeking a holistic and integrated mind-body approach to health and wellbeing.

Read more about Yoga Therapy here.

I am a forever student, and constantly studying and expanding my knowledge and capacity to share yoga and practices which are therapeutic, healing, empowering and accessible to everyone.

I currently share Yoga & Yoga Therapy in the form of public yoga classes and private yoga therapy sessions. I work with local charities and organisations, offering group sessions to support their users. These groups support issues such as addiction & recovery, mental health and isolation, domestic violence.

I also offer general wellbeing classes in the workplace to local corporate companies, and online.

Interested in working together? Get in touch.

500HR+ Trained Yoga Teacher (YAP)

580HR Professional Yoga Therapist (BCYT) (NCIP)

Yoga Therapist Norwich
Yoga Class Norwich
Group Yoga Classes

Group Yoga Classes in Norwich & Norfolk


6-7.15PM: Authentic Flow

@ Happy OM Yoga Studio


6-7PM: Vinyasa Flow

@ Norwich Yoga Central

*Book through NYC*


10-11AM: Chair Yoga for MS

@ The MS Centre, Norwich


1.45-2.45PM: Chair Yoga for All

@ Acle Recreation Centre

*Contact me to inquire about these classes*


8-9AM: Outdoor Yoga

@The Plantation Gardens



'Shake the Dust'

9.30-11AM @ Happy OM Yoga Studio

Final Saturday of each month

Authentic Flow Classes



Happy OM Yoga Studio

Inspired by my studies with the school of Authentic Flow.


"Authentic Flow is a somatic approach to movement through which we listen, taste, see, feel, inquire and learn to embody our bodies as a living, feeling and exploring creative process of becoming."

Through somatic inquiry the intention is to cultivate a deeper connection to the body, learning to listen and respond to the internal language of the body through movement and somatic explorations of yoga asana and free movement.

We explore yoga philosophy from an embodied perspective, meaning we explore it from within the experiential playground of the body. 

Classes use music as a soundscape to support the journey of embodiment. These classes prioritise giving you agency over your body and choices, are trauma sensitive and open to all 'levels' of practitioners.

Somatic Release Class Norwich
Shake the Dust Classes

Monthly Saturdays


Happy OM Yoga Studio

This is a ‘somatic release’ class. Somatic release techniques are body-based practices & methods used to release emotions, or “energy”, such as stress, upset, anger, tension or trauma.


In this practice, we journey between perpetual movement, rest, release and free movement. It's a little bit like HIIT, but deep, and much more fun.


We use ‘containers’ of repetitive movements to build towards a release, both physically & energetically, and to fuel an exploration of freedom within that release. The containers build a ‘charge’ in the body, using the repetition of movements to activate the big muscle groups to metabolise stress/sympathetic energy and help with the release of tension. The practice is carefully curated to lift  & lower the heart rate as a kind of ‘nervous system conditioning’. Through this process we increase ‘Heart Rate Variability’, the ‘flexibility’ of our NS and our capacity to move between sympathetic-parasympathetic. Through this form of nervous system regulation we increase our capacity to react & respond to stress.

The practice ebbs & flows between ‘containers’, ‘releasing’, ‘grounding & resourcing’ & ‘rest. As we go on this journey, a lot can show up and become unstuck, but it’s not about forcing anything to happen, it's about being open to moments of releasing & opening, of letting go & softening, when we're ready and feel safe and supported to do so.

This class is for anyone and everyone, including those looking to manage anxiety &/or depression, anyone recovering from trauma or health conditions such as CFS, long-covid, burnout - anything that has thrown your NS out of whack and left you feeling out of balance, with great tools & strategies for managing your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Guided and held with care by Marie who is professionally trained & well equipped to support you on this journey.

Yoga Retreat Italy

Italy Retreat
Friday 31st May - Tuesday 4th June



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